The Flying School


Courses and Training:

The Flying School offers the nations best accelerated training for pilots who want the highest quality of professional training. The Flying School offers training for various certificates and follow on courses. Learn more on each course level on where you need to start and for the path on where you want go. You're cleared for takeoff.

Our students quickly become knowledgeable, competent and safe pilots. The computer-based interactive instruction program works hand in hand with your actual flight experience – allowing you to preview your next training flight before you even take off. So you can learn at your own pace. On your own terms.

Your flight training doesn't have to take a lot of time. Each pilot learns at a different rate, however, our training program is so comprehensive and efficient, new pilots can earn their licenses an average of 30 percent faster than the national average.

Our Certified Flight Instructor course offers an accelerated approach to obtaining your CFI and your CFII. In less than two weeks you can become a highly trained Certified Flight Instructor! Our program has attracted pilots from across the nation! Our goal is to have you completely prepared to teach tomorrow's pilot! Having received their Flight Instructor Certificate with our staff our students have moved forward to achieve their goals in aviation.

The Sport Pilot program is a favorite among our customers! With our Sport Pilot Program there is no minimum time schedule, so students can tailor their flight training and studying to their own pace. With the FAA minimum of 20 Hours, obtaining your Sport Pilot License can be a quick and cost effective means to learn to fly!

Earning your Instrument Rating by way of our Accelerated Program is an excellent way to propel yourself more rapidly to achieve your desired ambition in Aviation. Our Instructors are skillfully qualified to teach the Instrument student everything he will need to know about flying IFR. Our Accelerated Instrument Course is intensive and exhilarating!

Both the Sport and Instrument rating are attainable by the full time student in as little as two to three weeks!

Requirement Details: